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Wallpapers - Linux Pictures - Themes - Logos  
[Penguin Gallery]  - "is a collection of the interesting penguins we have been able to find out there on the net".
[The 3D Tux page]  - contains an animation and some stills from Tux, the Linux Penguin.
[Linux Penguins on the Web]  - is meant to point to web pages that reveal everything you ever wanted to know about Linux penguins but never dared ask.
[Linux 2.0 Penguins]  - "Feel free to do whatever you see fit with the images, you are encouraged to integrate them into other designs that fit your need".
[Pinguin Art]  - "A gallery of TUX portraits and somthing less".
[Debian logos]  - Debian has decided to create two logos: one logo is for official Debian use; the other logo falls under an open use type license.
[Artwork for Debian CDs]  - offers images for Debian CD covers. Note that the thumbnails are just a selection of the graphics on offer. Follow the links to see all graphics.
[Debian Graphics]  - Here you'll find lots of artwork focused on Debian.
[GNU/art]  - The goal of this site is to provide an ever growing collection of artwork to promote GNU software.
[Linux Logos]  - Here are a bunch of Linux Logo's most of which came about from the linux logo competition.
[LinuxHumor + Linux Wallpapers]  - is a collection of the best Linux pictures and animations.
[LinuxArt Wallpapers]  - Save LeSage is both an artist and a computer geek. This site offers backgrounds, including some nice penguin motives.
[Tig3rt Labs Wallpapers]  - here you will find a couple of images for your desktop. Most images are done with the Gimp, some are scanned from photos.
[Linux Wallpapers]  - many great Linux Wallpapers on
[Galeria mimooha]  - wallpapers, logos, icons, etc from Karol Krenski, a Polish Artist.
[Kuznetsov]  - high class Linux Desktop Wallpapers.
[Girl of Linux]  - many sexy "Linux-Girls".
[]  - wallpapers, xmms skins, grub splash- images, cd-covers.
[DeviantART]  - many Themes, Skins, Wallpapers and much more.
[]  - Wallpapers, Themes, Icons, System Sounds, Window Decorations and more.
[]  - Wallpapers, Themes, Icons, Splash Screens, System Sounds, Fonts and more.
[GNOME artwork]  - backgrounds, themes and more.
[LINUX - pics, backgrounds and logos].
[Digitalgarage]  - Linux icons.
[Pixture Studio]  - icon sets.
[Themes]  - many themes for Afterstep, Blackbox, Fluxbox, Enlightenment, FVWM, GTK, Gnome, IceWM, KDE, MetaCity, Sawfish, Window Maker ...
[ Themes]  - bietet einerseits HowTos, wie ihr die Themes unter den jeweiligen Window Mangern installiert, andernseits werdet ihr hier Themes downloaden koennen.