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Convert PCs to linux thin clients with 2X ThinClientServer

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[Slashdot]  - "News for Nerds. Stuff that matters".
[LXer]  - is a frequently updated Linux news site with a "minimum of advertisements".
[]  - provides comprehensive coverage of development, legal, commercial, and security issues.
[Linux Insider]  - Real-Time Linux News and Information from Around the World.
[Debian Planet]  - provides a place for the exchanging of the latest Debian news.
[Linux Today]  - combines news, contributions from industry leaders, and case studies.
[Linux PR]  - is a website for organizations to publish press releases to the enormous market that is the Linux community.
[]  - Latest Linux News .
[PCLinuxOnline]  - Desktop Linux News.
[Newsforge]  - "The Online Newspaper of Record for Linux and Open Source".
[ News]  - The latest announcements & news about Linux on the Desktop.
[Linux World]  -'s center for everything Linux and open source.
[O'Reilly Network: Linux DevCenter]  - Linux & Open Source Development.
[LinuxElectrons]  - "Linux with a hardware slant".
[Linux.Box News]  - The Guide to Linux Apps and News.
[Linuxsecurity - News].
[SecurityFocus - News].
[News by MadPenguin]  - "There is no Genius without a Touch of Madness".
[]  - Linux news, FreeBSD news, OpenBSD news, NetBSD news, GNU/Hurd news, etc.
[]  - The latest news & announcements about Linux in embedded applications.
[All Linux Devices]  - Daily Source for Embedded Linux Information.
[FootNotes]  - Gnome Desktop News.
[KDE News]  - the KDesktop Enviroment - Latest News.
[]  - "Exploring the Future of Computing".
[Daemon News]  - Current BSD News.
[]  - Technology News & Business Reports.
[FreeBSD News].
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[Pro-Linux News]  - neueste Nachrichten und die besten Tipps zum Thema Linux in deutscher Sprache.
[Linux Magazin - News]  - neueste Linux Nachrichten praesentiert vom Linux Magazin.
[Linux-Community]  - News, Interviews, Diskussionen.
[OSZine]  - deutschsprachiges Open Source Magazin.
[ OSS]  - richtet sich an Profis, die einen tieferen Einblick in die IT-Branche gewinnen moechten.
[IT-Nachrichten]  - Nachrichtenquellen und Features lassen sich individuell anpassen.
[Linux Enterprise]  - News des deutschsprachigen Magazins.
[Newsletter-Archiv]  - der "Linux New Media AG".
[LIVE]  - Neuigkeiten praesentiert vom LInux-VErband.
[Linux-Events]  - "Business meets Open Source".
[]  - News fuer die Linux-Community und alle, die Interesse an Linux und Open Source haben.
[tux-net]  - Newsseite aus der Schweiz mit dem Themen- Schwerpunkt Mandrake Linux.

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